Poul Thomsen - Managing Director of SKIOLD SÆBY A/S

    SKIOLD Sæby A/S are among the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Northern Europe, and we have more than 100 years of experience in the manufacturing and sales of special equipment for production and handling of animal feed, as well as equipment for flour production from crops for human consumption.

    50 years of experience on the world market means that we know the various market mechanisms and trade methods all over the world. However, although we export to the whole world - 67& of our sales go to foreign countries - SKIOLD will always be a company with close contract to the proper experts - i.e. the users.

    SKIOLD Sæby A/S are part of a group of several subsidiary companies. All companies complement and inspire each other, which also promotes the development of new products.

    SKIOLD Sæby A/S will also in the future be the reliable co-operation partner of our customers.